What We Do?

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    Unna Education

    Unna Education offers private English tutors and group training classes for corporations. We also offer business consulting services, case coordination and supporting services, language translation, and proofreading services. We specialize in English for Specific Purposes and can create a curriculum to meet your needs.

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    School Management

    Unna provides cram school management advising and consulting services, as well as the systems and infrastructure to run a school. We can provide the complete package, including human resources, staff training, curriculum design and IT infrastructure design. We are highly experienced and professional to address your needs. Talk to us about your management needs for your school, we can help you.

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    IT Systems

    Unna Group develops, install, manage, and maintain IT system and software as well as their infrastructures. We also provides Hosting Service (Cloud Computing & Cloud Storage), Email Service, and Cloud surveillance system. Everything can be done in the Cloud.

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    Design & Multimedia

    Unna Group can design high quality DM material, like flyers, brochures, banners, signboards, large wall paintings as well any kind of advertisement materials and gifts. We also design and develop websites, and video/multimedia services, such as Music, Songs, video editing and video producing.

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Services & Products

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  • Cloud School Data System

    Unna Group has developed a powerful and amazing tool to help schools to run and manage students' data. Our system can find data in just a second, yet the system is very user friendly and you don't even need to install software. The program is very intuitive and needs no learning time. This Cloud School Data System is able to help schools to pull up any students' data, information, and communication logs at any time, any places, as long as you have Internet access.

  • Web, Email, Photos, Videos, and Blog System

    A PRO school needs a professional appearance. Not just hardware and software, but the information that you put on your business card. In this information era, using a free mailbox like @hinet or @hotmail means cheap! On the other hand, a professional school should have its own dedicated email address, as well as its own website, blog, and other systems.

  • Personal English Tutor

    Unna education understands the best way to learn English is a custom designed classes only for you. You can have your personal progress and schedule. Moreover, no other students will share your teacher with you. We will take care of your learning needs to ensure maximum improvement.

  • Training, Hiring, and Resources of foreigner teachers

    A better teacher always provides better education. Unna Education is fully aware of this and therefore designed special courses to train teachers, teachers who may not understand the needs and culture of the schools in Taiwan. Our goal is help language schools to offer the best educational experience to their students, through the best teachers.

  • Internet Phone, IP-PBX, and Cloud surveillance system

    Unna Group has a networking team to offer the best solution of IP Phones, IP PBX and Surveillance and Monitoring Systems. Our engineers are highly trained and certificated. Our Engineers have CISSP, CCNP, CCDP, Security+, Server+, and A+ certifications. We are the only one you need for building and maintaining your infrastructure, as well as your systems.

Big News

  • 18 Feb 2014


    UnnaGroup Education understands the needs of an English school or institution. Let us help you to find the most professional teachers, yet the most qualified teachers for you or your schools. Call us to find our more.

  • 8 Oct 2013


    The English Institution of Hai Yin is now offering franchising opportunities for free. This offer is limited to the first school of each city and county in Taiwan. If you are interesting in opening a new school, we have everything you need. Call us now.

  • 10 Sep 2012


    Unna Group is recognized and accepted by many International Enterprises. Many of them are located in the Hsinchu Science Park, which is known as the Silicon Valley of Taiwan. Their recognitions indicate that Unna was and is capable to provide high quality services to aid your success.